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This page is intended to highlight just the latest developments on the French beer and brewing scene.

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Forthcoming Events

New Breweries

See the Breweries Page for full details of these new breweries :

Brasserie de Bellefois in Neuville de Poitou.

Brasserie d'Oc in Meze.

Biéres du Loing in Amilly.

Ferme Brasserie La Soyeuse in Grezieu La Varenne.

Brasserie Tarentaise in Aigueblanche.

Book Updates

Brewery Changes

Brasserie Ale Factory in Amiens now closed (August 2003)

Brasserie Amis Reunis is now known as Brasserie de St-Amand. (Dec 2001)

Brasserie Becu is now known as Brasserie L'Atrébate with the beers made by Brasserie La Choulette. (Jan 2002)

Cervoiserie/Chez Nino's has closed but there is a bar Le Rubens on the site, probably brewing its own beer. (Oct 2002)

Brasserie Jeanne d'Arc is now known as Brasserie Grain d'Orge. (1st July 2002)

Brasserie Lampée-Baumgartner is closed on Mondays.

Brasserie Lancelot have moved and are now at Le Roc St-André. (2000)

Michigan Cafe in Macon now closed (March 2003)

We have heard (unconfirmed) that Néz Rouge no longer brew.

Brasserie St-Poloise now closed. (June 2001)

Spirit of Factory is closed on Monday as well as Sunday.

Recommended Bars

La Datcha in Le Havre is now a restaurant with no special beers.

Le Mawhot in Charleville-Mézières is closed on Sundays.

Pub St-Germain de Prés in Paris is now closed (May 2002).

Taverne de Neslé in Paris now opens at 6pm, closes at 6am on Fri/Sat. (May 2002)

Welcome Pub/Club in Caen is only open in evenings.

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