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This page is intended to provide information on the latest developments on the Wallonian beer and brewing scene.

The start point for this information is the book The Beers Of Wallonia that was published in October 1996. It is assumed that you are already familiar with the contents of the book and therefore this page helps keep you completely up to date.

Forthcoming Events


August 8, 9 10 - La Grande Choufferie at Brasserie Achouffe

September 27, 28 - Tourpes village festival including open doors at Brasserie Dupont.

New Breweries

Brasserie St-Donat in Mettet, Namur.

Brasserie Lautenne in Lautenne - Surice, Namur.

Closed Breweries

La Coopérative de la Basse Semois , ceased trading in 2001.

Eupener Bierbrauerei, has apparently been bought by the north Belgian brewery Haacht (late 1998). Rumour has it that the brewery will be closed but the Eupener Pils and Caramel beers will be brewed at Haachts Boortmeerbeek plant.

Brasserie Artisanale du Hameau, ceased trading in 1997.

Brasserie Mibrana, also known as Artisan Brasseurs, the brewpub in Namur, stopped brewing in November 2002.

Brasserie Oleye, Chantal gave up the fight to become a successful female brewer and brewery owner when the brewery doors closed in 2002.

Brasserie Piron, never recovered from the problems mentioned in the book and was bought by Brasserie Achouffe in late 1996.

Brasserie Artisanale de la Praile, sometimes known as Brasserie Artisanale de Peissant ceased trading early in 1997.

Brasserie Rochfortoise, ceased brewing in 2002. Its beers are now produced by Brasserie Caulier.

Brasserie Ruwet, has not ceased trading but in 1998 stopped brewing. Its beers are now produced at the Abbaye de Val-Dieu.

Brasserie de la Tour, ceased trading around April 1998 citing "all sorts of financial reasons" as the cause.


We would like to correct a couple of errors in The Beers of Wallonia : Belgium's Best Kept Secret.

  • On Page 162 the address of De Hopduvel (beer shop) should read "Coupure Links 625", Gent.
  • On Page 163 the address of De Hopduvel (bar/cafe), should read "Rokerelstraat 10", Gent.


Since The Beers of Wallonia : Belgium's Best Kept Secret went to print things have moved on in the Wallonian beer world. There has also been been time for people to check out some of the brewery recommended bars - with a few interesting results.

  • On Page 160 we recommend the Liège bar of La Vaudrée. It should be pointed out that this is La Vaudrée I in Angleur a suberb of Liège. There is also another (La Vaudrée II) in Rue Saint Gilles, opposite Le Student. This has the same beer list as La Vaudrée I.

  • On Page 162 the Vapeur brewery recommended a Brussels bar called Les 2 Grand Gros. Unfortunately both Stephen D'Arcy and Peter Sutcliffe have tried to find this and report that there is merely a locals bar called Au Vicomte. They were also unable to find it listed in the telephone directory.

If you find any other errors in the book, changes since it went to print or just want to exchange any general information about Wallonian beer send us an e-mail

This page last updated Friday 11th April 2003