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This page lists many recommended bars throughout Wallonia. To merit recommendation the bars must serve beer from Wallonian breweries. The recommendations come from John Woods and Keith Rigley (discovered whilst researching The Beers Of Wallonia), from breweries when asked for bars selling their beer that could be included in the book, and from friends. They are arranged alphabetically by Town within Province.

Where the "Recommended by - " is the name of a brewery, those beers should be available in that bar. If it is "Authors" the bar should stock a good range of Wallonian beers. If anybody else is named as recommender, the beers stocked should be mentioned in the text.

To navigate the list you can click on the province you are interested in on the map and it will take you to that province in the list. If your browser will support the appropriate Javascript you can select a town from the dropdown list or if not you will just have to scan the list. By the very nature of the subject this list cannot be definitive, so if you have any recommendations or comments please see the panel at the bottom of the page.


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Wallonia Regions Map


Rebecq : Taverne du Moulin, Rue Docteur Colson, 1430 Rebecq Recommended by - Br. Lefebvre


Arquennes : Auberge du Dauphin, Chaussée de Nivelles 13, 7180 Arquennes. Should be able to supply various vintages. Recommended by - Br.Orval.

Bassilly : Titien, Place 17, 7830 Bassilly. Recommended by - Br.Silly.

Binche :

  • Chez Boule, Rue Saint Paul 13. Recommended by - Br.Binchoise.
  • La Chamade, Grand Place 44. Recommended by - Br.Binchoise.
  • Philippe II, Avenue Charles Deliege 18. Recommended by - Br.Binchoise.
  • Taverne Binchoise, Grand Place 41. Recommended by - Br.Binchoise.

Chimay :

  • Ferme des Quatres Saisons, Rue de Scourmont 8b, 6464 Forges-Chimay. Near abbey, good food, all Chimay products. Recommended by - Br.Chimay.
  • L'Eau Blanche, Rue G.Joaris 27, 6463 Lompret. Recommended by - Br.Silenrieux.
  • Le Casino, Place des Ormeaux, Chimay. Good food and warm atmosphere. Recommended by - Br.Chimay.
  • All bars in Grand Place, Chimay Recommended by - Br.Chimay.

Dour :

  • Ferme des Templiers, Rue Ropaix 169, 7370 Dour. Recommended by - Br.Blaugies.
  • La Saline, Rue Ropaix 39, 7370 Dour. Recommended by - Br.Blaugies.

Enghien : Taverne Rembrandt, Rue de Bruxelles 1, 7850 Enghien. Recommended by - Br.Vapeur.

Gilly : Café de l'Enseignement, Chaussée de Ladelinsert, 6060 Gilly. Recommended by - Br.Abbaye des Rocs.

Le Rœulx :

  • Au Commerce, Place de L'Église, 7070 Le Rœulx. Recommended by - Br.Friart.
  • La Grimaudière, Place de L'Église, 7070 Le Rœulx. Recommended by - Br.Friart.

Lens : La Petite Pise, Place de la Trimite, 7870 Lens. Recommended by - Br.Hameau.

Mons :

  • Au Passe-Pierre, Place de Béguinage 6, 7000 Mons. Recommended by - Br.Friart.
  • L'Excelsior, Grand Place 29, 7000 Mons. Good atmosphere and decor. Excellent regularly changing list of special beers. Good, knowledgable staff. If you can't see what you want - ask, it is probably in the cellar. Recommended by - Authors, Br.Abbaye des Rocs, Br.Binchoise, Br.Blaugies, Br.Praile, Br.Vapeur.
  • La Maison des Brasseurs, Grand Place 3/4, 7000 Mons. Bar made from brewing kettle. Brewing photos. Interesting painted ceiling. Pleasant bar with moderate Wallonian beer range. Recommended by - Br.Authors.
  • Podo, Rue de la Coupe 43, Mons. Wallonian beers include Vapeur, Lefebvre, Friart, Silly, Achouffe. Recommended by - Br.Authors.
  • Le Ropieur, Grand Place 14, 7000 Mons. Recommended by - Br.Friart.

Montignies sur Roc : Taverne du Château, Place, 7387 Montignies sur Roc. Recommended by - Br.Abbaye des Rocs.

Morlanwelz : Café le Combattant, Grand Place, 7140 Morlanwelz. Should be able to supply various vintages. Recommended by - Br.Orval.

Péruwelz :

  • Le Ménestrel Muse de la Bière, Grand Place, 7600 Péruwelz. Recommended by - Br.Caulier.
  • Taverne de la Brasserie, Rue de Sondeville 132, 7600 Péruwelz. Caulier's impressive brewery tap (see entry in brewery section). Only open at weekends. Recommended by - Br.Caulier.

Ronquières : La Tour Glacée, Route Baccara 4, 7090 Ronquières. Recommended by - Br.Friart.

Seneffe : Le Tyberchamps, Place des Alliés 6, 7180 Seneffe. Recommended by - Br.Friart.

Silly :

  • Café de la Brasserie, Place, 7830 Silly. Recommended by - Br.Silly.
  • Le Salon, Rue Ville Basse 152, 7830 Silly. Recommended by - Br.Silly.
  • A L'Tonne, Place 19, 7830 Silly. Recommended by - Br.Silly.

Soignes : Les Remparts, Place de Soignes, 7060 Soignes. Recommended by - Br.Hameau.

Tournai :

  • La Cave à Bière, Quai Taille Pierres 3a, 7500 Tournai. Reasonable Wallonian range. Beer cuisine. Recommended by - Br.Authors.
  • Les Quatre Saisons, Grand Place 68, 7500 Tournai. Pleasant bar with good atmosphere and limited but well served range of Wallonian beers. Recommended by - Br.Authors.

Tourpes :

  • Caves Dupont, Rue Basse, 7904 Tourpes. Friendly village local directly opposite the brewery. Recommended by - Authors, Br.Dupont.
  • La Forge, Place, 7904 Tourpes. Recommended by - Br.Dupont.


Grivegnée : La Charnalle, Rue Servais Malaise, Grivegnée. Recommended by - Br.Bruyeres

Liège :

  • La Pierre Levee Rue de Serbie 62. Cellar bar with large beer list but only open in evenings. Recommended by - Bruyeres
  • Pot au Lait Address not known. Cyber cafe with limited beer range but "an eclectic crowd who are very laid back and can enjoy a good glass of beer along with some very good music." Recommended by - Megan Colon
  • Le Student Rue Saint Gilles 182, 4000 Liège. Recommended by - Br.D'Oleye
  • La Vaudrée I Rue Val Benoît 109, Liège. Truly amazing beer list (around 1,000 with over 20 on draught) including many past and present Wallonian beers. Watch out for the age though. We feel turnover is too slow to do justice to the more obscure beers. Recommended by - Authors
  • La Vaudrée II Rue Saint Gilles, 4000 Liège. Opposite Le Student and the sister bar to La Vaudrée I this has the same impressive beer list. Recommended by - Authors
  • Le Vieux Guillemins, Rue du Plan Incliné 145, 4000 Liège. Recommended by - Br.D'Oleye

Rocourt : Taverne du G.B. de Rocourt, Chaussée de Tongres 85, 4000 Rocourt. Recommended by - Br.D'Oleye

Verviers : Boule Rouge, Pont St.Laurent 10, Verviers. Over 100 beers including reasonable Wallonian selection. Recommended by - Authors

Vyle en Taroul : La Merveille de Vyle, Rue Pont de Vyle 1, 4570 Vyle en Taroul. Recommended by - Br.A Vapeur

Waremme :

  • Café de la Place, Place Albert 1er 2a, 4300 Waremme. Recommended by - Br.D'Oleye
  • Le Viking, Avenue Reine Astrid 2, 4300 Waremme. Recommended by - Br.D'Oleye


Achouffe :

  • Hôtel l'Espine, Achouffe 19, 6666 Achouffe. Recommended by - Br.Achouffe
  • Petite Fontaine, Rue du Village, 6666 Achouffe. Recommended by - Achouffe
  • Brasserie Taverne, Rue du Village 32, 6666 Achouffe. The brewery's own bar/restaurant with glass panel giving view into brewhouse. Recommended by - Achouffe

Bastogne : Bistro Leo, Place MacAuliffe, Bastogne. Recommended by - Br.Achouffe, Br.Rochefortoise

Durbuy : Relais du Vieux Port, Place de Durbuy, 6940 Durbuy. Recommended by - Br.Fantôme

Erezée : L'Arcade, Rue Principale, 6997 Erezée. A restaurant/cafe. Beer cuisine includes dishes with Fantôme and Saison d'Erezée Recommended by - Br.Fantôme

Etalle : Relais d'Estalle, Place des Chasseurs Ardennais 14, 6740 Etalle. Recommended by - Br.Gigi.

Ethe : Au Coeur de la Gaume, Rue Dr Hustin 51, 6760 Ethe. Recommended by - Br.Gigi, Br.Vapeur

Forrières : L'Estaminet, 6953 Forrières. Recommended by - Br.Ambly

Gérouville : The Paradise, Place du Tilleul, 6769 Gérouville. Recommended by - Br.Gigi

La Roche-en-Ardenne : Le Bronze, Place du Bronze, La Roche-en-Ardenne. Recommended by - Br.Fantôme

Nassogne : Le Relais St. Monon, 6950 Nassogne. Recommended by - Br.Ambly

Rossigno : La Civanne, Rue de la Civanne 285, 6730 Rossignol. Recommended by - Br.Gigi

Soy : Comme Chez Soy, Place Troquet, 6997 Soy. Restaurant. Beer cuisine. Recommended by - Br.Fantôme

Villers-devant-Orval : L'Ange Gardien, on the crossroads, Villers-devant-Orval devant-Orval. Sells Orval beer and cheese as well as excellent Ardennes ham. . Recommended by - Br.Orval


Crupet : La Besace, Rue du Centre, 5332 Crupet. Recommended by - Br.Du Bocq

Dinant :

  • La Couronne, Rue Sax 1, 5500 Dinant. Recommended by - Br.Du Bocq
  • Sax, Place Reine Astrid 13, Dinant. Recommended by - Authors

Hastiere-Lavaux : Le Pichet du Pere Marlet, rue Marcel Lespagne 48. Tel.082 64 51 60. Good selection of Wallonian ales in unusual little café that opens odd hours, usually only Friday and Saturday. Recommended by - Br.Authors

Lustin : Musée des Bières Belges, rue de la Gare 19, 5170 Lustin. Tel.081 41 25 81. Only open at weekends but a truly amazing place with an excellent selection of beer to complement the very comprehensive displays of bottles. Recommended by - Br.Authors

Namur :

  • L'Ebloussant, Rue Armée Grouchy, 5000 Namur. Good selection of rare Wallonian beers. Recommended by - Br.Caracole
  • Le Métropole, Rue Émile Cuvelier, 5000 Namur. Recommended by - Br.Du Bocq
  • Les Artisans Brasseurs, Place de la Station 2, 5000 Namur. Excellent bar/restaurant opposite the station. The home of Brasserie Mibrana. Recommended by - Authors

Philippeville :

  • Armes, Place des Armes 3, 5600 Phillipeville. One of the few places you can usually find Schwendi from Devaux. Recommended by - Authors
  • A la Porte de France, Rue de France 1, 5600 Phillipeville. Good selection on the beer list. Recommended by - Br.Silenrieux

Rochefort :

  • Hotel Malle Poste, rue de Behogne 46, Rochefort. Not exactly cheap but an excellent beerlist from the whole of Belgium. Recommended by - Authors
  • La Taverne, Rue de France, Rochefort. Recommended by - Br.Rochefortoise
  • Le Limbourg, Place Albert 1er, Rochefort. Recommended by - Br.Rochefortoise
  • Le Luxembourg, Place Albert 1er, Rochefort. Recommended by - Br.Rochefortoise

Silenrieux :

  • A la Taverne du Père Sarrasin, Rue Noupre, 5630 Silenrieux. In the same building as the brewery. Can organise brewery tours. Reasonable selection of regional products. Silenrieux beers on tap. Recommended by - Br.Silenrieux
  • Auberge de Beaupont, Rue de Beaupont 44, 5630 Silenrieux. Fine food. Recommended by - Br.Silenrieux

Spontin : Le Cheval Blanc, Chaussée de Dinant, 5530 Spontin. Recommended by - Br.Du Bocq

Vresse sur Semois : La Vieille Pompe, Membre, 5550 Vresse sur Semois. Should be able to supply various vintages. Recommended by - Br.Orval

Recommendations Outside Wallonia

Brussels :

  • Bier Circus, Rue de l'Enseignement 89. Only Brussels bar with La Chouffe on tap.. Recommended by - Br.Achouffe, Br.Vapeur
  • La Danse des Paysans, Chaussée de Boondael 441, 1050 Brussels. Recommended by - Br.Vapeur.
  • Musée de Schaerbeek, Rue Louis Bertrand, Schaerbeek, Brussels. Recommended by - Br.Abbaye des Rocs

Gent :

  • De Hopduval, Rokerelstraat 10, Gent. Recommended by - Authors, Br.Binchoise
  • Trappistenhuis, Brabantdam 164, Gent. Excellent bar with good range of beers, including Fantome. Well laid out bar and beer list. Owner has beer column in "TV times" mag. Recommended by - Authors

Huise : De Gans, Kloosterstraat 40, 9750 Huise, East Flanders. Not very far from Wallonia and they have an excellent range of hard to get Wallonian beers, though some may be older than they should be. Only open Friday to Sunday. Recommended by - Authors

Sint-Lievens-Houtem : De Pikarden, Cotthemstraat 6, Sint-Lievens-Houtem Houtem, East Flanders. Recommended by - Br.Abbaye des Rocs

Teuven : Oud Teuven, Rue du Village 9, 3793 Teuven, Limburg. La Chouffe on tap. Recommended by - Br.Achouffe

Can You Help ?


Being such a large country it is not possible to keep track of all the bars by ourselves. Some in this list may have closed, or changed hands and no longer be serving good beer. There must be many we have not discovered yet.

If you know of any good bars in France (especially those serving artisanal French beers) please let us know. We would also be very keen to receive any updates regarding those currently listed.


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