Abbaye Notre Dame de Saint Remy

Abbaye Notre Dame de Saint Remy.  Photo by John Woods

Rue de l'Abbaye 8, 5580 Rochefort. Tel: 084 21 31 81

Beer List -

Any tasting notes that appear against the beers are the personal opinions of the authors. If the authors disagree on any aspect then their initials appear before their individual opinion.

Rochefort 6 - 7.5% alc/vol

Comments - First brewed 1900. As it is only brewed intermittently and not distributed widely it is very difficult to find. Red top.
Tasting Notes - A quite full and complex malty beer that is very easy to drink. It tastes considerably weaker than it is.

Rochefort 8 - 9.2% alc/vol

Comments - First brewed 1954. Has a green cap.
Tasting Notes - A beautifully balanced, complex beer with great depth and many layers of taste. Has a great texture if served at the correct temperature and left for 10-15 minutes to allow the initial excessive fizz to die down.

Rochefort 10 - 11.3% alc/vol

Comments - Has a blue cap.
Tasting Notes - Very uncompromising, complex ale that is full in taste, full in body and extremely heavy in alcohol. Once accustomed to its excesses you can appreciate its quality and depth.


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