Brasserie Dupont

Brasserie Dupont.  Photo by Keith Rigley

Rue Basse 5, 7904 Tourpes-Leuze. Tel: 069 67 10 66

Beer List -

Any tasting notes that appear against the beers are the personal opinions of the authors. If the authors disagree on any aspect then their initials appear before their individual opinion.

Avec Les Bons Voeux - 9.5% alc/vol

Tasting Notes - Very full tasting, well balanced beer with lots of spicy hops. Gets smoother with age. Typically Wallonian.

Bière De Beloeil - 8.5% alc/vol

Comments - Named after Château de Beloeil, a tourist attraction 5km from brewery.
Tasting Notes - Promising, characterful beer with a range of hop induced tastes.

Bière de Miel - 8% alc/vol

Comments - Based on a recipe reproduced from the 1890's. Shares the same front label as the Biologique version which can be confusing.
Tasting Notes - An interesting beer but overall it is lacking a bit. Disappointing tangy dryness particularly in the finish. It is very tangy and although the honey is there it is not dominant.

Bière de Miel Biologique - 8% alc/vol

Comments - Shares the same front label as the non-organic version. Only a few words on the rear label differentiate them.
Tasting Notes - Promises much but the artificial dryness and gum-numbing sensation detract from the pleasant aroma and initially appealing taste.

Biolégère - 3.5% alc/vol

Tasting Notes - Very light and smooth with an interesting taste but an unpleasant tang.

Blanche du Hainaut Biologique - 5.5% alc/vol

Cervesia - 8.5% alc/vol

Comments - Brewed in the ancient Gallic style for the archeaological site at Aubechies (about 2km from brewery) and only available from there.
Tasting Notes - Strongly herbal with a sharp citric bite and loads of hops. Wonderfully intersting beer.

Cervoise de Leptines - 8.5% alc/vol

Tasting Notes - Full tasting, easy drinking beer with loads of malt niceley balanced by a citric sharpness.

Cuvée du 40ème

Cuvée du P'tit Lu

Moinette Biologique - 7.5% alc/vol

Tasting Notes - Less satisfying and complex than the non-biologique version.

Moinette Blonde - 8.5% alc/vol

Tasting Notes - Amazingly full flavoured, fresh and complex brew. Would suit almost any occasion. Becomes more mellow and sweet, but spicier, with the sediment added.

Moinette Brune - 8.5% alc/vol

Tasting Notes - Lacks the quality and complexity of its blonde stablemate. Bit a disappointment for a Dupont beer.

Redor Pils - 6.5% alc/vol

Tasting Notes - Excellent creamy texture and an interesting taste give it a surprising amount of character for a pils, but still a little bland.

Saison Dupont - 6.5% alc/vol

Tasting Notes - Wonderful example of a Walloon saison style with enough interest for the connoisseur yet accessible enough for the beginner. Benefits from aging.

Saison Dupont Biologique - 5.5% alc/vol

Tasting Notes - Like a normal Saison Dupont with the flavours turned down.

Viellé Des Estinnes - 7.5% alc/vol

Comments - Brewed for Wanderpepen.
Tasting Notes - Superb, easily quaffed beer. Very hoppy throughout with a little fruit in the palate.


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