Brasserie Dubuisson

Brasserie Dubuisson.  Photo by Keith Rigley

Chaussée de Mons 28, 7904 Pipaix. Tel: 069 67 22 21

Beer List -

Any tasting notes that appear against the beers are the personal opinions of the authors. If the authors disagree on any aspect then their initials appear before their individual opinion.

Bière Boccard

Bush 7 % - 7.5% alc/vol View Label Kb

Comments - First brewed 1994. Maybe sold as Clovis in USA.
Tasting Notes - Strong, golden and hopy ale which is distinctive and typically "Bush".

Bush Ambree - 12% alc/vol

Comments - First brewed 1933. Sold as Scaldis in USA.
Tasting Notes - Totally uncompromising beer with a pleasant, surprisingly light texture. KR: Warming and satisfying, a beer for sipping. JW: An excess of alcohol taste.

Bush Blonde - 10.5% alc/vol

Bush Noël - 12% alc/vol View Label Kb

Comments - First brewed 1991. Sold as Scaldis Noël in some export markets.
Tasting Notes - Very similar in character to Bush 12% but fuller in taste and body which helps to soften the fruity alcohol most find uncompromising in Bush 12%.

Cuvée des Trolls - 7% alc/vol

Comments - Brewed for their brewpub Brasse-Temps.


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