Brasserie Abbaye des Rocs

Brasserie Abbaye des Rocs.  Photo by Keith Rigley

Chausée de Brunehaut 37, 7387 Montignies-sur-Roc. Tel: 065 75 99 76

Beer List -

Any tasting notes that appear against the beers are the personal opinions of the authors. If the authors disagree on any aspect then their initials appear before their individual opinion.

Abbaye Des Rocs - 9% alc/vol

Comments - First brewed 1979. Uses six malts, three hops and various spices.
Tasting Notes - Good complex beer with enough complementary tastes to keep you interested from the nose through to the lingering finish. Has abbey beer qualities with the added interest of lots of typically Wallonian spice.

Abbaye des Rocs Grand Cru

Abbaye Des Rocs Special Noël - 9% alc/vol

Comments - First brewed 1984. Uses six malts, three hops and is spiced with vanilla.
Tasting Notes - Wonderful Christmas beer which, as the name suggests, is essentially an Abbaye des Rocs with the additiion of a higher proportion of chocolate and black malt in the mash. Beautifully smooth and creamy.

Blanche Des Honnelles - 6% alc/vol

Comments - First brewed 1990. Named after the locality of the brewery. Uses barley, wheat and oats.
Tasting Notes - One of the most complex artisanal white beers - multi-faceted and rewarding. This makes it a good summer quencher yet interesting enough to drink anytime. Very original and refreshingly different.

Montagnarde Altitude 6 - 6% alc/vol

Tasting Notes - Fairly easy drinking blonde, though with some disturbing characteristics such as the unusual taste that appears and the odd coating to the roof of the mouth.

La Montagnarde - 9% alc/vol

Comments - First brewed 1980. A Montagnarde is an inhabitant of Montignies-sur-Roc.
Tasting Notes - A very accomplished beer with a deep and complex character. Ageing the beer enhances the fruitiness and depth. Excellent, quite thick, texture with just enough fizz to prevent cloying.

Le Saint Lenderik - 9% alc/vol

La Shaerbeekoise - 9% alc/vol


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