Brasserie La Caracole

Brasserie La Caracole.  Photo by Keith Rigley

Côte Marie-Thérèse 86, 5500 Falmignoul. Tel: 082 74 40 80

Beer List -

Any tasting notes that appear against the beers are the personal opinions of the authors. If the authors disagree on any aspect then their initials appear before their individual opinion.

Archiduc - 5.2% alc/vol

Comments - First brewed 1996

Bire Sint Haulin

Blanche Gwendydd

Caracole Ambrée - 8% alc/vol

Comments - First brewed 1990.
Tasting Notes - Excellent complex beer with a strong hop element and a very full interesting grain and malt taste. Nice smooth texture.

Caracole au Miel - 7.2% alc/vol

Comments - First brewed 1996.

Caracole Brune - 7.2% alc/vol

Comments - First brewed 1990.
Tasting Notes - Very odd texture spoils and otherwise impressive, if a little overpoweringly burnt tasting, ale.

Caracole Cuvée - 9% alc/vol

Cuvée de l'An Neuf - 8% alc/vol

Comments - First brewed 1994.
Tasting Notes - The 1994 vintage was an after dinner drink with an amazingly smooth and creamy texture. Although very stoutish in character it has a great deal more depth and complexity than most people's idea of a true stout.

La Fana

Nostradamus - 9.5% alc/vol

Comments - Replaced Cuvée de l'An Neuf as the Christmas beer.

Saxo - 8% alc/vol

Comments - First brewed 1994.
Tasting Notes - An odd beer with a complexity somewhat masked by the hops and bitterness.

Saxo Biologique - 8% alc/vol

Troublette - 5% alc/vol

Comments - First brewed 1992.
Tasting Notes - An orignal and successful approach to producing a Wallonian artisanal white beer with a great deal of complexity and interest. Mouthfuls of all sorts of tastes wash across the tongue in waves.

Troublette Biologique - 5% alc/vol

Vive la Cuvée des Frerots


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