4 Minerals that Maintain Testosterone Levels

It is better to prevent than cure. Testosterone levels vary between men and not everyone can easily lower them once they drop. That is why it is essential to keep them in check by maintaining their natural level. One great way is by eating food that is rich in specific minerals or use supplements that have these minerals as main ingredients.

 female with testosterone

The following minerals that you will learn about will also be easier absorbed and they will work with high power if combined with the vitamins that also help in boosting and maintain the T levels such as Vitamin A, B complex, C, and D. 



It is proven that only 10mg of magnesium can boost the quantity of the free testosterone up to 24%. This mineral has a positive connection with serum testosterone and has a positive influence over them.


This mineral will help in controlling the neurotransmitter that signals between hormones and cells. Calcium stimulates the testosterone synthesis. However, this booster won’t be of help if you are inactive and not working out. In order to be activated, you should exercise regularly.


This mineral will give you more benefits. Besides increased testosterone production, it will help in improving the sperm parameter.


This is that one mineral that will significantly react to the system and increase the production of testosterone. In fact, zinc deficiency reacts negatively on the endocrine system. Experts believe that this is the mineral that is vital for testosterone production and it is best to maintain the levels.

If you suffer from testosterone deficiency it is good to start on a supplement treatment that contains a combination of these 4 minerals. If your goal is to maintain it then changing your diet, adding the right amount of magnesium, calcium, helium, and zinc will be enough to maintain it.