Vitamin E deficiency testosterone

Vitamins and testosterone play an important role in nutrition and body development. Healthy foods contain a lot of vitamins and nutrients. It is true that people do not get enough vitamins in your daily diet only.

According to current data, men should consume 350% more vegetables and 150% more fruit than they do now.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is often referred to as the sunshine vitamin because the body manufactures the vitamin after being exposed to sunlight. The main purpose of vitamin E is to balance calcium, but researchers are still seeking ways to find other additional benefits of vitamin E for the body.

Much of the population of the planet suffers from lack of vitamin E. This deficiency can lead to major problems, low testosterone, such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension, myocardial infarction, stroke and muscle weakness.

Men who do outdoor exercise will have problems in acquiring sufficient amount of vitamin E from food only. The only viable dietary sources of vitamin E are fatty fish, egg yolks, fortified milk and cereals.

Fortunately, access to vitamin E deficiency testosterone is quite simple, so make sure you have some daily recommended dose of this vitamin.

Because there is a close relationship between vitamin E and calcium accumulation in the body, too large doses of vitamin E can lead to present high levels of calcium in the blood, which causes kidney stones, vomiting and muscle weakness.

Vitamin K

Like vitamin D, vitamin K was recently reached the attention of researchers. This vitamin is a protein that helps rebuild bone. Vitamin K is known as protective against certain cancers and fractures.

Testosterone has an important role in maintaining vascular health by helping to prevent the accumulation of calcium along blood vessel walls.

Food sources of vitamin K are important broccoli, green leafy vegetables and fermented soy cheese. If these products are not an option for you, supplements of vitamin K are recommended.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is probably the most famous vitamin of all. It is often used during cold and influenzas case, and is often found with labels of many packaged products on the market.

Vitamin C has been used since last year, especially as a treatment for scurvy. This vitamin is not only a powerful antioxidant but is also beneficial for muscles, bones, skin, gums, tendons, ligaments and health of cell membranes.

Vitamin C is especially important for people who do exercise regularly and those who have problems with bone strength or gum health. It is true that vitamin C can reduce the intensity and symptoms of colds and flu and is helpful for maintaining a strong immune system (http://testosteronerhö

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 vitamin is the most popular, but this does not have to do less important. In fact, Peter is essential to normal nerve activity. Deficiency can lead to anemia – low number of red blood cells. It is also part of the complex B vitamins, essential for energy metabolism and body development.

B12 is abundant in meat, especially salmon and tuna, but as well in eggs and cheese. But there are very few resources of B12 among vegetables, so vegetarians may be predisposed to vitamin B12 deficiency.

Vitamin B12 in the body can lead to low testosterone and breathlessness. Men who have regular training must be more careful to secure sufficient amount of vitamin B12. B12 is another important vitamin and an essential element of a good diet.

Niacin (B3)

Vitamin B3, also known as niacin and is particularly important for men’s health. Those found in healthy foods that are often avoided, such as wheat, almonds and seeds.

It is important not avoid intake of this vitamin which serves to increase the energy level of the body. The greatest strength niacin is closely related to lower testosterone in the blood.

Reduce blood cholesterol means a reduced risk of suffering a stroke, heart attack or heart disease. Vitamin B3 reduces the risk of skin problems because B vitamins help maintain healthy skin, hair, eyes and especially the liver.

Regular intake of protein foods, especially whole grains, should help to obtain sufficient amount of niacin. However, if you avoid the intake of whole grains and almonds, consider supplementing your diet with supplements of vitamin B3.

Yet attention to exaggeration, excess niacin may cause skin redness, rashes and even liver damage.

Testosterone in seminal fluid after vasectomy

Semen analysis is most useful test to assess male testosterone levels in this test being established parameters of sperm characteristics, and overall ejaculate. Her indications are twofold: both in the couple’s fertility investigations for testing and for determining success vasectomies.

There are certain required steps required for laboratory sample provided for analysis, to be used.

– Before harvest, there must be a period of several days (experts recommend 3) the total sexual abstinence (it is considered that each ejaculation sperm count reduced by 1/3, which could be the cause of erroneous results subsequent determinations). The period of abstinence but must not exceed 5 days. There are centers where harvesting recommend 3 sperm samples at intervals of 1 week (lesen).

– The sample can be collected by several methods:

– The most commonly used is masturbation (at home or at the doctor’s office) and use a sterile container to collect sperm;

– Another recommended method is the use of condoms specially adapted for this purpose during normal sexual intercourse (it is important to note that they differ from normal condoms with spermicide absence substances); they are made of silicone or polyurethane, latex is considered harmful to sperm;

– Another possibility is to collect seminal fluid through what experts call “coitus interruptus” – when sex goes well, but no ejaculation occurs in the vagina, but outside the woman’s body (in a collection container).

– In cases where it is suspected that high testosteorne is due to obstructive (the seminiferous tubules or ducts deferens) sperm can be extracted directly from the epididymis, the technique called the PESA (percutaneous epididymal sperm aspiration).

– The sample must be kept at body temperature and taken for analysis as soon as possible. If not analyzed within 2 hours after ejaculation is secretion questionable quality (sperm motility losing in or degenerating).

Indications for low testosterone in seminal fluid after vasectomy are represented mainly by fertility problems, it can tell if the couple’s infertility is male origin (by abnormal production, both qualitative and quantitative sperm), but also to accurately determine the success of surgical vasectomy.

Semen must contain data on the total number of spermatozoa, their motility, morphology, volume, pH and amount of fructose, or any other problem detected in the patient sample. Experts recommend that when sperm analysis of the data, to be present both partners to be present significance and implications of the results. Although semen analysis provides important data on male testosterone, in order to fully appreciate this and other determinations must be made adjacent.

It is important to note that in June 2007 was first launched to determine fertility kit that can be purchased and used at home. It is available in some pharmacies and clinics and has the advantage of not requiring a prescription to be purchased. The test determines sperm motility and FSH levels (in women). The results are ready within 90 minutes and have an accuracy of 95%. Experts and company that launched insists, however, that this test is not able to replace professional assessment conducted by competent doctor nor addresses a wide range of causes of infertility (serves as a screening only for those two parameters mentioned).


Experts believe that the most effective way to collect more testosterone in sperm is by using condoms during intercourse special. Such evidence collected will have a total sperm count, motility and morphology as close to normal patient.

If the first seminal fluid analysis indicates low levels of fertility, is recommended to perform another 2 measurements at intervals of 2-4 weeks. Psychologists believe that most often the first sperm sample time for analysis is shoddy (thus giving false negative results), because man is influenced by stress associated with this determination (and the prospect of negative consequences) and the conditions for obtaining sample (if masturbation doctor’s office). In these conditions it is preferable that the sample is collected at home, in the privacy of the patient (sperm analysis results are not influenced by location, as long as the collection container is sterile).

4 Minerals that Maintain Testosterone Levels

It is better to prevent than cure. Testosterone levels vary between men and not everyone can easily lower them once they drop. That is why it is essential to keep them in check by maintaining their natural level. One great way is by eating food that is rich in specific minerals or use supplements that have these minerals as main ingredients.

 female with testosterone

The following minerals that you will learn about will also be easier absorbed and they will work with high power if combined with the vitamins that also help in boosting and maintaining the Testosterone levels such as Vitamin A, B complex, C, and D. 



It is proven that only 10mg of magnesium can boost the quantity of the free testosterone up to 24%. This mineral has a positive connection with serum testosterone and has a positive influence over them.


This mineral will help in controlling the neurotransmitter that signals between hormones and cells. Calcium stimulates the testosterone synthesis. However, this booster won’t be of help if you are inactive and not working out. In order to be activated, you should exercise regularly.


This mineral will give you more benefits. Besides increased testosterone production, it will help in improving the sperm parameter.


This is that one mineral that will significantly react to the system and increase the production of testosterone. In fact, zinc deficiency reacts negatively on the endocrine system. Experts believe that this is the mineral that is vital for testosterone production and it is best to maintain the levels.

If you suffer from testosterone deficiency it is good to start on a supplement treatment that contains a combination of these 4 minerals. If your goal is to maintain it then changing your diet, adding the right amount of magnesium, calcium, helium, and zinc will be enough to maintain it.